to be in a competent intercultural position

Editing / Website translation and design:

We translate accurately, taking into account style, special factors, peculiarities of language and personal preferences, so that in the target language the content remains detectable for the reader.

Website design & Arabic German:

In collaboration with renowned companies for Media Design, we design websites with German elements, or create a complete, linguistically and technically flawless and convincing German version of the website.

You can submit your documents as follows:

  • as original by post
  • as a certified copy by post
  • as a non-certified copy by post (see Note below) 
  • the scanned file in JPG as an e-mail attachment
  • PDF format as an e-mail attachment

Please note that a translation on basis of scans sent as an e-mail attachment or a simple copy, authorities will accept only in conjunction with the original.