to be in a competent intercultural position

General Cross-Cultural Awawreness or with focus on Germany

Intercultural lectures, workshops and training sessions to raise public awareness or the German culture: 

Intercultural competence is the main competency in our global economy, and is no longer a „nice-to -have" skills. The successful cooperation with people from other cultures is increasingly important for companies. International business and cross-cultural teams pose a particular challenge in many ways.

For successful international business in particular is the understanding of different mentality of central importance. Cultural differences has enormous potential for conflict. Language skills and respect for other cultures and the ability to think beyond one’s own cultural boundaries and act are prerequisites for a safe and successful performance in an international context.

Successful trading requires that the interaction partners understand and relate to each other in a ratio relationship.  

With us, you will develop the necessary sensitivity and expertise to use strategically cultural differences to your advantage and to draw from the cultural diversity of synergies. Act with foresight and develop the necessary training to your cultural sensitivity and intercultural competence. Learn more about this under programme/​​methods or contact us.