to be in a competent intercultural position

Owner and Manager
Graduated engineer Aziza Chehade-Buchmann, trainer in cross-cultural competence

She was born and raised up in Lebanon. She attended the "German School Beirut", so she already learned German as a child. She studied architecture and urban planning, and completed at the University of Stuttgart in Germany.
Aziza combines her own firsthand experience of living and working in different cultures, along with her extensive personal knowledge of the Middle Eastern and the German culture into a series of comprehensive workshops and classes to help educate individuals about cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity in addition to in depth topics regarding Germany and Europe.
She works as a lecturer, consultant and Trainer since 2007.

Professional background

  • Since 2017 Employed in the metal and electrical industry in the field of presales development in the contract business, parallel to working as a trainer for crosscultural business communication

  • Consulting company to support Arabian and German companies with business contacts and establishing in Germany and in the Arabian countries, as well as language Training in German and in Arabic.
  • Trainer for intercultural competence in companies, institutions and for individuals, in successful intercultural management and development of business networks in Germany.
  • Consultant in the field of CAD Customer Service to prepare and conduct workshops and individual training for Allplan CAD programme.
  • Interpreter and Translator for the German and the Arabic language.
  • Certification as a trainer for intercultural business communication at the University of Jena.
  • 1994 to 2004: Employee as Dipl.-Ing. Architect

She currently serves as a volunteer mentor, students of the scientific training course "Intercultural Trainer" at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. ORIENTiert can fall back on a pool of qualified freelancers and partners.

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