to be in a competent intercultural position

Costs Arabic & German:

For large orders, special rates can be negotiated. We have a minimum order value of 40 €. Translations (for example from the field of literature, IT, medicine, etc.) are calculated according to the severity of the text and the vocabulary. Surcharge for certified translations of 10 €.


  • € 1.20 per line (55 characters including empty spaces) for a standard translation.
  • € 1.60 Translation of documents, certificates, letters, etc.
  • € 50.0 Pass-translation
  • € 50.0 Birth Certificate


  • Billing in 10-minute intervals according to a predefined hourly rate (amount depending on the difficulty of the topic). Travel time and costs will be billed.

Editing and website design: Prices for this are available on request.

Translate - Information for offer:

  • Source and target languages
  • amount of text or the text in a common format
  • Order and Delivery
  • File formats of the source and target text

Interpreting - Information for offer:

  • consecutive or simultaneous interpreting needs
  • Number of people
  • Location and dates
  • Duration of use
  • Subject
  • Type of event / use of equipment on site