to be in a competent intercultural position

Programme / Methods

Our methods for the course in German as a foreign language:

We start with giving you advice on the best course choice for your level.  

With targeted exercises, we help our students to the correct pronunciation of the strange sounds of the German alphabet. After only a few lessons, students are able to independently write simple words, read simple texts, and understand in context.

Core of our teaching materials is the German grammar and the conversation. By means of selected exercises and targeted educational methods, the grammar of the German language is illustrated and explained in each step.

Through simple conversation, with modern and descriptive learning methods, we will introduce you to the art of German communications. You learn to use common phrases correctly, the "Open Sesame“ as an access opening to the German world. You learn all about greeting, communication during dinner invitations, receptions and festivities as well as basic knowledge of the negotiations in German.


We adhere to the curriculum of the DFA (German for foreigners).

  1. German as a foreign language
  2. In-house seminars
  3. Crash courses