to be in a competent intercultural position

Please notice the special structure of our homepage:

  • German sites focus on clients from Germany.
  • English and Arabic sites focus on clients from the Arabian region.

So the content of the same pages sometimes will be different according to the different language.

All services described on this website are lectured in the Arabic language, as well as in German and English.

Have you got little time? Do you want a quick overview of our services? …Then we recommend you to take a look at our flyer.

ORIENTiert offers …

  • … Trainings/workshops/oral presentation in raising general cross-cultural awareness.
  • … Trainings/workshops/oral presentation in developing cross-cultural competence for the German region and the Arabian countries.
  • … Consulting and escort to intend company's presence at trade fairs in Germany.
  • … German and Arabic language courses.
  • … Specialist translation, copy-editing, and website designing in German/Arabic.

The foundation of our company aroused from the idea of language barriers and the need to reduce and compensate the differences in thinking between the language cultures.

We work closely with nationally competent network partners in related fields in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lebanon and other Arab countries.

ORIENTiert is a registered trademark and it is registered under registration number 30 2011 040 785 in the registers of the German Patent and Trademark Office.  

On request, we make an individual concept for a lecture, a workshop or a cross-cultural training.