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S.Sautter, Bayern International:

As part of the seminar series "Fit for Fair ", a seminar for the region of the UAE took place in the IHK Schwaben in early November. As part of this training, Bavarian companies were trained in a practical way in an intercultural context in fair preparation, like defining the aims and objectives, as well as the goal-oriented communication at the fair itself and the follow-up. The focus of the event was the key success factors for sustainable business in the Arab world as well as the mediation of intercultural understanding and an adequate communication with business Partners.

Feedback from the participants on the program, the content and the trainers was correspondingly positive...

...The intercultural trainer Chehade - Buchmann mediated by many practical examples and tips cultural understanding in order to arouse the interest of the Arab visitors actively to lead promotional Dialogues - an important part of the visitor marketing - and to win them as customers ...
Sieglinde  Sautter
Bayern International

J.Ambach, Erzieherin:

Learning the Arabic Lebanese  language was very effective with Mrs. Chehade-Buchmann. In addition to her well-structured material she always had a lot of patience, motivation and joy. So I was already after a short time able to read, to write and to speak. With Mrs. Chehade-Buchmann I also got an introduction into the characteristics and manners of the Lebanese world. Those who are interested to learn the Arabic / Lebanese language wll be right at ORIENTiert!

H. Handwerk International BW:
2013-08-08 09:23:15

Dear Mrs. Chehade , first I would like to once again thank you for your informative and insightful presentation on intercultural peculiarities in the Arabic environment . After the feedback sheets of the companies to close, your post was very well received. I myself have learned a lot again!

J. Baumann, Erneuerbare Energien:
2013-08-08 08:13:10

We have started with ORIENTiert an Arabic course in our company. The first impression, with the division into different levels and groups, was very positive. It has all very professionally organized and designed to deliver good efficiency. Making learning fun. Highly recommended!

Patrick, Vertrieb:
2013-01-05 09:56:00

The Arabic lessons with Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann is a wonderful learning experience. I realize that my Arabic has improved in huge steps since I am here. I will never forget how patient Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann was with me. I would recommend the Arabic lessons with ORIENTiert.

2012-06-05 21:49:56

Learning Arabic with  Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann was just wonderful. From day one, every detail was taken care of and everything was good planed. The teaching is well organized and you can quickly see a linguistic progress ... Thank you! M. / Siemens

Christine; Sozialwissenschaften:
2011-11-09 14:20:06

"Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann is a great teacher, who received very flexibly to the knowledge and ideas of their students, the lessons pass by always much too fast and really with a lot of fun. From the very first time I hve the feeling to SPEAK - . Excluding the fear of embarrassing errors. Super material that is also constantly updated, really overall, highly recommended! "

C. Ruckteschler, Student:
2011-10-26 07:44:22

I 'm lucky that I have found Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann . Meanwhile, I already have taken lessons for three months with Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann in preparation for a voluntary social year in Jordan. Unlike other Arabic teachers the lessons with Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann are very well structured. The teaching material for the Lebanese dialect was developed by Mrs. Chehade – Buchmann herself. And it is worth gold! In all other textbooks, you only learn Modern Standard Arabic, which may be useful for the university, but it is nowhere spoken in the Arab world. With Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann one learns the Lebanes dialect which is understood by most Arabs - and so has the opportunity to really talk to Arabs. In well-prepared, one and a half hour lessons you get ahead quickly. At the same time, Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann cares to repeat and to generate and use in conversation. So the lesson is the ideal preparation for anyone who wants to immerse himselve in the Arab culture and would like to apply what they have learned actually in conversation with Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann.

Frau K.; Rentnerin:
2011-07-14 20:00:37

By creating a refreshing, motivating atmosphere and the excellent, understandable teaching materials I could learn a lot with Mrs. Chehade-Buchmann despitemy  high age. When I come back from Jordan I´m going to continue the lessons in any case.

A. Wascher; Kieback&Peter GmbH & Co. KG:
2010-03-14 09:48:57

Complicating matters are presented simply and clearly. The learning content is structured logically and objectively. On the uptake and speed of student, learning will be discussed in detail and individually. I definitely would recommend lessons with Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann.

M. Scheffelmeier; pocketvillage Country Representative Ashoka Turkey bei Ashoka:
2010-01-30 11:45:14

Private and business trips to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Oman sparked my interest in the Arabic language and culture , after which I decided to take lessons in Arabic. I am glad that I found in Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann  an extremely dedicated and capable teacher who individually adjusts to her students and shuns no effort to bring them close to the difficult language. Her varied teaching that combines writing, grammar, language, writing and reading exercises helped me to achieve initial success in quick time. This was complemented with interesting information through the Arab culture, which surely makes a fit both in private as well as in business contacts for intercultural understanding.

Frick ; nurse:
2009-11-09 13:13:42

The Arabic lessons with Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann were worth for me as a beginner, she was very individually tailored to my specific needs. The lessons well prepared by Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann, to use the hours as effectively as possible. It was also a good compilation of newly learned vocabulary and revision and consolidation of the learned in conversation. In addition to incorporated many interesting and important cultural aspects of the Arab culture. With these hours, I really feel we have created a good base for a trip abroad. Thank you again.

F. Jähnigen; Architekt bei HWP Stuttgart:
2009-02-24 21:26:45

Relaxed, funny Arabic lessons ! Through her lively nature and her good knowledge, I was able to achieve very fast learning success with Mrs. Chehade - Buchmann . The lesson for me is always a great pleasure and despite the difficulty of the topic never tiring.

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